Bedroom Design

bedroom staging

Here are some samples of renovated and staged bedrooms. A bedroom design by Riviera Designer is often made to look and feel like a hotel room – if possible!

bedroom design

Dreamy Bedroom

A light grey cover matches the light colored curtains (a couple that really prevent light which is suitable for Nordic summer nights). All curtains in this 1970’s villa are hanged from ceiling to floor to give the room more height.

Closet wall

IN this specific bedroom we also custom built a wall of closets, very appreciated.

bedroom design with closet wall

bedroom design with art
The bedroom was staged with our own art on the wall

Cosy bedroom

We picked up some of the darker floor color by using a light brown curtain as contrast to the off-white one.

Imagine, these walls were bright yellow, so a few layers of paint really transformed the place!

bedroom design with bench

bedroom design under slanted ceiling

Bedroom in light brown

White paint on walls and ceiling enhances the space of this bedroom with a mix of brown and dark blue. This room got new paint of the windows as well, and new flooring

Curtains to block the light

A must have in Scandinavia during summer nights. The dark blue and light brown curtains really fulfill their purpose.

bedroom design curtains

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