Rebuild and recreate

diningr room dining table

In the past we’ve taken on a project of total renovation of a villa in Sweden. That surely was a rewarding journey, to rebuild and recreate the whole space.

Check out the Portfolio of Kitchen Design, the two tone kitchen replaces an original kitchen from 1977 in white.

Check our our Renovation account on Instagram to see more pics.

rebuild and recreate a bedroom

Light Bedroom

totally repainted, new flooring and staged

Bedroom walls

We added a closet wall, floor to ceiling in matte white.

rebuild and recreate a bedroom closet wall

rebuild and recreate a mudroom
Mudroom / Main entrance where we custom built bench and cabinet for the water heater. The whole room incl. door was repainted and got new flooring.
rebuild and recreate an entry
rebuild and recreate dining room table

Dining room

Dining room got new paint on walls and windows, new flooring and was staged.

Dining table

Dining table simply set for photo shoot.

rebuild and recreate dining table
rebuild and recreate an outdoor space
Outdoor dining room, roofed veranda enclosed by light curtains

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