We work with space planning and design, home staging and styling (for both your self or for sales listing), lighter remodeling and garden design and offer this in our services.

By listening to you as a client, we present solutions that should fit you likings. We take on work for clients with varying budgets and can assist in small as well as larger refurbishments.

All services are based on the budget of the project. We offer our services in Cote d’Azur area, starting 2022.

If you wish to only get an idea of what you could do to improve your home on your own, just e-mail us. We offer digital consultancy for a small fee.

Main services

  • Residential space planning and design, where we design and equip your space.
  • Lighter remodeling.
  • Garden makeovers.
  • Home staging and styling.
  • Consultancy online.

By using mood boards we can in collaboration determine which interior design suits you and your room best. The Riviera also includes outdoor living, hence we take part in shaping your garden to your taste.

Count on us presenting colors, materials, furniture and lightning suitable for your needs before execution and realization.

Design is a work of art in understanding people’s behavior and needs, we see the possibilities of the property to create the best functional spaces.

bedroom interior design home staging services

Home Staging

Appeal to the many by a home staging service, the photos from the real estate agents will make much more sense and give the potential buyer an idea of how to furnish their future home.

The staging can be made with reuse of furniture, textiles and lighting;

from 500€

Including minor purchases of textiles, lighting, plants and accessories;

from 1000€

Pricing depending on room size

home staging services

Digital Consultancy

Perfect for you who need some ideas but want to execute the project, hands-on, on your own.

The process:

  • Planning and sketches.
  • Client shares measurements, photos and information about the room.
  • Prepayment via PayPal, 50% of the order value.
  • Final result is presented through e-mail with necessary sketches and mood boards including cost calculations.
  • Final payment via PayPal.
  • Follow-up for feedback and to check the outcome.

The work includes:

60-90 minute review of the room with feedback, depending on the size of the room. Final recommendations regarding color choice, material choices, furniture and lighting. Cost calculations of any recommended purchase of items.


CONTACT: vueriviera@gmail.com

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photos service for home staging

A new service in 2023

For home owners or real estate agents, we offer photography of the home to be sold.

Our experience is that pictures say more than 1000 words.

A photographer is better to involve than taking photos yourself or letting the agents handle that. Simply because a photographer knows how to catch the home from its best side. We offer you better photos for your listing, and several of them.

200€ to 500€

Pricing depending on the size of the property

Why hire us for photos?

Potential buyers are looking at dozens of real estate properties online, using various platforms to search for a future home. If the thumbnail photo of your property doesn’t draw any attention, you could be missing out on clicks, showings, and a fast close. This is something to discuss with your agent, to ensure the best possible photo is chosen as thumb nail photo.

Many photos of properties for sale in France are of poorer quality than the ones we are used to in Scandinavia and USA. Mainly because the photographs are taken by the sellers themselves or the agents.

As stated by  marketing experts Virtuance, Real Estate Photography needs to be used for every listing.