Inspired by home staging interior designers worldwide we’d like to offer you a solution where you as a client let us know the budget you have, for us to remodel and refurbish your property – before it hits the market.

Home owners often think they do not need to do any touch-ups before a sale, but all real estate agents, worldwide, claim that you can actually earn more money if you make sure to improve the home before listing it.

Inspired by artists like Taylor Spellman, Drew and Jonathan Scott and Christina Haak we are ready to take on your project and help you with demolition, painting, decorations and to furnish.


We design the interior of homes for sale in the greater Cote d’Azur / Var-area, starting in 2023.


Pricing always depends on the state of the property, and what areas needs the most work.

We generally find need for some lighter demolition and always put fresh paint on the walls.

Some new furniture can be necessary (we use inexpensive items) but reusing old furniture can also come in handy. Especially beds, dining furniture and pieces we could paint in new colors. New rugs, curtains and other textiles are a must. Lighting is also important as well as plants.

For labor including purchases of materials and some furniture, a fair budget is around 2500 € for 90 m².

We calculate how much time we have to put into the project before it is launched. The client always signs-off on the calculations before we start.

If there is need for new flooring there is a higher cost added to the project, we prefer to lay durable laminate. New flooring can be a very good investment for the common areas such as entry, living and dining room.

We can also work by the hour, 45€ per hour of labor.


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Photo by Diane Wuttke on Unsplash