With client centric focus we create a plan and execute what you need in interior design. As a client you can decide how involved you want to be. Our mission is generally to showcase the character and personality of the home owners, not being stranger to use bold and eclectic elements.

The process for interior design service:

  • Client shares ideas and information about the room.
  • Measuring and planning making sketches including cost calculation subject to clients budget.
  • Mood board is presented, either through meeting or via e-mail.
  • Prepayment, 50% of the assigned budget within 10 days.
  • Initial purchases for the project is made (to kick-off the work).
  • Work in progress, such as refurbishment and paint job.
  • Completion, such as furnishing, adding accent pieces and finalizing the decoration.
  • Final payment is due within 10 days.
  • Follow-up for feedback.

A first meeting is always free of charge, and can be held in person or digitally.


Depending on what is needed to be done, here’s a scenario for a 30 m² living room;

  • Lighter demolition (such as engineered wood/parquette/laminate/linolium flooring)
  • Filling holes in walls, adding new wall paint
  • New paint on moldings and door/window frame
  • New flooring (such as wood imitated durable laminate)
  • New curtain rack and curtains
  • Furniture that fits the room (such as inexpensive dining table, sofa, bed, side tables)
  • Lighting in various areas
  • Textiles and rugs
  • Plants

3750 €

We can also help you stage or prepare your home before selling it.